There is a lot to consider when making a selection of an air purifier. Air purifiers are either active or passive. An active air purifier uses ionization to clean the air, while a passive air purifier uses an air filter to remove dust and matter from the air. Passive air purifiers are more effective since the matter is permanently removed from the air when collected in the filter. There is also of potential ozone hazard. Many air purifiers generate some ozone, this is a serious concern, as it can damage the lungs, causing chest pain, shortness of breath, throat irritation, and coughing, worsening symptoms for those with respiratory illnesses. Our professionals at Delcor will recommend the best purifier for the building structure and can take care of the installation. We can also make a suggestion for portable purifiers if you are interested in those as well.


Portable purifiers provide additional help cleaning the air that does not go through the ventilation system. As we walk in and out we bring dust particles, viruses, and other airborne particles. A portable purifier provides additional air quality protection by using fans, dirty air is brought through the intake grill. The air then passes through filters cleaning the air which is then distributed back out into the room by another fan. Some purifiers also have ionizers that release negatively charged ions, which attaches to positively charged airborne impurities making larger particles, which are then more easily trapped by the filter.


To improve the quality of the indoor air, remember to change the air filter for your HVAC unit and clean the portable purifier.

The recommended time to change the air filter:

  •         “Average” home without pets: every 3 months
  •         “Average” home with one pet: every 2 months
  •         “Average” home with more than one pet: 3-5 weeks
  •         Home with respiratory illness: 20-45 days
  •         Single occupant with no pets or allergies: 6-12 months
  •         Single occupant with pet: 6-8 months

Recommended cleaning schedule for portable purifiers:

  •         The pre-filter should be cleaned or replaced every 3 months – 1 year
  •         The carbon filter should be replaced every 6 months – 2 years