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How Energy Efficient Windows Save You Money $$$

Why you need energy efficient windows

In a word – climate. Depending on your location the weather varies; nevertheless, the goal remains the same – to keep warm air out in the summer and in during the winter. Rain, wind, and snow can also be factors causing issues within your home if there are any drafts or leaks present, which occur most around your windows.

Energy efficient windows are designed to reduce heat loss and heat gain by a better sealant with specialized window sash and frames that conduct less heat, as well as types of glass designed to withstand the climate.

What are the Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows?

  1. Save Money

Top rated windows professionally installed can save hundred of dollars per year, depending on the number of windows being replaced and other home insulation factors. You can even monitor your savings with a Nexia thermostat. A Delcor professional can also advise you on your home insulation and ductwork.

  1. More Privacy

Double and Triple glazed windows provide noise insulation that works in both directions. Providing you with protection for the noises outside and from complaints about your sons’ band practice.

  1. View Improvements

Today’s energy efficient windows have less view obstruction than traditional double and triple-glazed windows.

How Long do Energy Efficient Windows Last?

There are still many variables in factor, such as the frame material, sealant, and window glazing combination; however, you can expect double and triple-glazed energy efficient windows to last 20+ years.

Which Windows Should I Replace?

Ideally, all windows should be replaced with energy efficient windows to maximize savings; however, if that’s out of the budget, then consider the following:

  1. If your house is too hot in the summer, or hard to keep cool without sending your utility bill through the roof, you should start with the west-facing windows?
  2. If you have windows that do not open next, so you can improve ventilation.
  3. If you have a room that is noisy and/ or have single-paned windows (such as the front room facing the street).
  4. Sunrooms make for much greater savings per window than smaller windows.
  5. If you are considering moving in the not-too-distant-future, consider doing the front windows to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Regardless of where you start, energy efficient windows will eventually pay for themselves through reduced heating/AC costs. As an added bonus, energy efficient windows will increase the value of your home, while you’re doing your part to help the environment while simultaneously helping your budget! ?