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The Importance of Heating Maintenance

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Just like cutting your grass in the warmest of seasons, it’s important to have your heater maintained in the coldest of seasons. Granted, you might be under the impression that your heating system is in excellent condition, but it’s possible that it needs a repair or even a replacement.


That’s where heating maintenance comes into play!

  • Increases Lifespan of Unit – One of the biggest benefits of scheduling a precision tune-up appointment is that it will increase the lifespan of your overall heating unit. Just like the refrigerator in your kitchen or the car you currently drive to work, all good things must be replaced over time. But if taken care of properly, then it will be quite a while before you have to purchase a new one. Of course, the same concept applies to your heating unit. Sure, you can have your heating unit replaced, but if you’re trying to save your pennies, then it may be a tad expensive to do so at this given time. However, when heating maintenance is scheduled for your home, our technicians will be able to detect any problems before they even have the chance to occur and create havoc. Think of this concept as replacing the tires on your vehicle. The minute you notice that they’re losing air is the minute to take care of the problem and replace them, all in an effort to preserve your vehicle. Indeed, if you fail to replace your tires when you initially notice the problem, then there’s a chance you’ll have a flat tire when you least expect it — and the same concept applies to your heating unit; your home will be heat-less when you need warmth the most
  • Preserves Energy Efficiency – Another benefit of heating maintenance is that our team will be able to maintain your unit’s energy efficiency, even when it seems to be on its last leg. Sometimes, a unit will still function properly and get the job done, but there’s a chance that it could be exerting more energy than what’s needed. This will gradually raise your energy bills each month, seemingly without rhyme or reason. Indeed, the cause of the astronomical heating bill will go undetected since it’s one of the last reasons for a homeowner to suspect. Think about it like this: when one piece of your unit begins to deteriorate, other moving parts of this machine will work even harder than before — and this will cause your HVAC unit to go into overdrive. Of course, when a member of our team inspects your unit from top to bottom, they’ll be able to pinpoint any problems that are making the machine work more intensely. Certainly, once this problem is corrected, then it’s smooth sailing from this day forward. Within a month’s time (or at the end of your next billing cycle), you’ll notice a vast difference in the amount of money you’re spending on that utility bill and it’s all thanks to a professional precision tune-up


Just like replacing your HVAC filters every two-to-three months, it’s important that your heating unit is cleaned from top to bottom, yearly. This not only promotes positive air quality inside your home but it also makes sure that your unit will heat without any problems. Here at Delcor Inc., our team of professionals will clean and adjust blower components, clean condenser/evaporator coils (if accessible), clean/replace standard filters and so much more.

No matter the size or scope of the project, you can rely on our team to get right to work. For more than three decades, we’ve assisted commercial property owners throughout all of Greenville and surrounding areas, to ensure that their businesses continue operating at peak comfort.