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How Trane is responding to COVID-19

Trane Article: March 2020

As the world works to contain the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, our team at Trane is adapting to this rapidly evolving situation, implementing safety measures, and taking care of each other, our partners and our customers.

Our business is largely categorized as “critical” by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Essential services include distributing, servicing, repairing, installing residential and commercial HVAC systems, boilers, furnaces, and other heating, cooling, refrigeration, and ventilation equipment. Trane Technologies heats, cools and ventilates essential spaces like homes, hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, supermarkets, and emergency services. Trane residential does important work for families and residential spaces, ensuring indoor health and comfort.

Ensuring the health and safety of the people who build and service our products is an essential priority. We are following all containment guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and country health departments.

In addition to implementing global travel and meeting restrictions, we have taken immediate containment measures across all of our sites, and also are adjusting production schedules to ensure employee safety while continuing to serve our customers. We have flexible work arrangements in place for employees who can work from home, country-specific benefits for employees on leave for quarantine or illness, U.S. access to back-up child and elder care assistance, and a Helping Hand Fund, which assists employees around the world dealing with unexpected financial hardships.

We are also helping our communities through outreach programs. The Trane Technologies Foundation has mobilized to help reduce the impact on people and families, and aid in recovery.

The situation continues to evolve, and we remain committed to supporting our people, our customers, and partners during this unprecedented time.