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Weekly Letter – Covid-19 Operations

March 26th, 2020

Mayor Connelly and the Pitt County commissioners recently announced their plans to try to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus by requiring citizens to Stay Home. Delcor, as a Plumber and HVAC contractor, is listed as an essential business to support the community. We do intend to stay open and operating throughout this time period. With that being said, Delcor can also do our part in helping to prevent the spread. Through the technology that we have in place, we have been able to close our main office and limit warehouse hours by operating remotely. Our phones will still be answered, and we have a chat feature available on our website.

Our service technicians will be available and dispatched remotely from home to Emergency calls for our customers. We are attempting to prevent the spread by limiting the exposure to our staff and then potentially bringing it to their families. We also don’t want to impact people in the community by taking it from one house to another. While we are practicing safety procedures, we do need your help by not requesting one of our techs if your household is experiencing symptoms. We may be able to offer advice by connecting you to one of our technicians over the phone and they may be able to walk you through a temporary solution. 

These are difficult times that our community and the world are experiencing. For over 50 years, we have been engaged with the Pitt County community and we intend on doing our part to assist during this unprecedented time.

Please reach out to us at 252-321-8868 or click on the chat feature below for assistance. We know you have choices, so thank you for trusting in Delcor. The Service Professionals.